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Day 2 - Session notes

On 19th/20th September I joined the Circle Community Summit. The following are key highlights from day two.

Session with Ali Abdaal

  • feel good productivity
  • get started … you don’t need to know everything upfront
  • you can just be a guide, a fellow traveller sharing the journey
  • share from the heart
  • this prevents imposter syndrome — this is big!
  • still respect time and have providing value in mind
  • don’t rely on AdSense and Brand deals … but start selling your own product
  • think about the monetization early on
  • “views don’t pay the bills”
  • 3 highly recommended books
    • 📖 [[Copywriting Secrets How Everyone Can Use the Power of Words to Get More Clicks Sales and ProfitsNo Matter What You Sell Or Who You Se - Jim Edwards]]
    • 📖 [[100M Offers - Alex Hormozi]]
    • 📖 [[Dotcom Secrets - Russell Brunson]]

His funnel

  • lead with value, tangible suggestion
  • $1 with an order bump $27
  • stages: free - cheap - mid-ticket - high ticket
    • offering a product for every price point
  • people are buying the offer — and the fulfillment of the offer is a different thing??
    • spent most of the time on the offer … and this then drives the fulfillment
  • DOD
    • facts, feelings, functionality
  • Problem analysis control
  • ask your audience … 5 is already good

    Why do people join a community

  • to address emotional problems … like imposter
  • struggle with discipline, accountability, motivation
  • community helps people to get over their fears

people get a lot of value out of accountability - group or individual … setting themself goals

Session Scale like a Pro with Nicole Walters

  • WHERE TO START - with your best business idea and why everything the ‘experts’ are teaching isn’t working for YOU.
  • AVOID WASTING TIME AND MONEY - on marketing tricks that don’t work or convert.
  • STAY STEADY - in a shaky economy.
  • BUILD MULTIPLE INCOME STREAMS - while providing real value to your customers and stop the feast or famine cycle that everyone is teaching online.
  • provide many products and ways for people to engage with us
  • ensure multiple income streams
    • lots of different and related income streams
  • you need to mention: What are people missing

The most important things you need

  • Legal
    • contract, obligations, protecting the product
  • Financials
    • P&L
  • Taxes
  • Product Development
    • set up consultation!!
    • set up a time book tool … calendly, superpeer.com, topmate.io
    • R&D - testing - marketing - launch
  • stop doing things for free … be clear where they are going to afterwards
  • loss leader — to open the door (e.g. freemium)
  • put a price on your time

Provide and collect eMails. Grow your eMail list. Consistency and value delivery grows your list.

She did not spent a dollar in adds.

Facebook build Facebook without Facebook

Guide your first 25 members John Moore, Sean Cannell

  • level up as you go
  • big things take time to build
  • build a framework!
    • your unique way of doing it
  • give everything away for free … there will always be people who will pay you for the higher support
  • be obsessed with Customer Feedback and kill your darlings
  • avoid to over-teach and consider the course of knowledge
    • “everybody already knows this…”
    • simplicity, clarity and create quick wins!
    • Slow it down and make it super simple
    • Short videos, shorter trainings
    • where do you want to get them
    • get them to feel transformation … your mission is the transformation
  • here is where I’m weak
  • people love progress
  • creatorwizard.com/snapshot
    • https://mysnapshot.co/sponsorship-wheel-snapshot/d247af/?usp=pp_url&entry.2141424742=Beginning&entry.1102235374=Evergreen
  • follow leaders create leaders principle
  • find your most engaged community members
  • what could be a 7 day program .. jumpstart to get you going
  • 📖 Zero to 1 [[Zero to One - Peter Thiel Blake Masters]] - Blinkist
  • Circle - to unify free stuff and gated space groups … it’s all there
  • Do the thing … then teach the thing ❤️
  • collect Testimonial … reach out to people that followed you
  • let people know that there is a way to pay you


Session - Adding a community to an existing business


  • go 4 levels down
  • specific, small, select - the Waldo Method
  • community - never be poor and leave an actual legacy
  • find 1000 true fans
  • attention + intention
  • community - get immediate feedback and evolve your product
  • community feedback loop
  • leverage the virtuous circle of communities
  • you can charge the most for community … it also creates a moat
  • build a community first
  • be a good human and say the truth
  • cash - crowd - curiosity
    • are people spending on this market
    • are there people interested in that
    • am I obsessed and engaged with it
  • learn what they want
  • scheduled 2h a day to invest in the community
  • LISTEN TO THE PROBLEMS and join the communities and listen to the customers
  • how can we get this done in 24h (instead of a week)
  • the faster you respond … this increases trust and confidence
  • remove the a…holes from your influence list
  • become an expert in the community platform you chose
  • create a great onboarding experience and good first experience
  • take care to protect your members
  • be willing to take risks and be super fast with your steps
    • move fast, break things and learn intelligently
  • turn your paid stuff into your marketing stuff


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