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Delegation Matrix

A Delegation Matrix is used to visualize what decisions have to be delegated. In addition, it visualizes the status of the delegation.

Columns define the organizational units involved in a decision. Rows visualize the responsibility scope. 

Every row has only one responsible organization unit (circle, role).

Color coding is applied to visualize the status of the delegation. 

Red = can be delegated but was not yet taken

  • Scope of responsibility? What belongs to it and what not? Constraints?

Blue = taking over a responsibility is in preparation

  • Knowledge transfer

  • Access rights and required working material available

Green = responsibility delegated

  • Responsibility delegation applied and it is clear how to work with it.

The following example explains delegation between ELG, Sponsor and Project Lead. The Project Lead can further delegate to roles of the Project. The delegation to the Project Lead does not override Role and Circle specific accountabilities and domains of functions across the Organization. 


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