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Your team needs these 4 rules
(for inclusivity, accountability, swift decisions, and radical candor)

Rule 1:  No-one gets lost
Bring your concerns into the light. If you’re drifting, speak up!
As a team, let’s vow to keep an eye out for each other.

Rule 2:  If nobody says anything, everything is fine
Promotes speaking up for necessary change.
Extend your decision-making with the ‘Disagree and Commit’ principle, adding an explicit check.

Rule 3: 🚫 NO GOSSIP
Let’s pledge to speak positively or bring issues directly to those involved. No more talking in the shadows.

Rule 4:  Stop Rumors
Chase down the source of rumors and clarify anything vague. Get specific.

Did you implement a similar rule in your team? What would you add?

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Content preparation

When working in teams I recommend to align on ways of working. I recommend the following four team rules as a starting point.

No-one gets lost

  • bring in yourself when you feel you’re getting lost
  • as team member look for others who might get lost

When no one says something, all is good

  • encourages everyone to take accountability to speak up when something needs to change
  • you can extend your decision making with the “Disagree and commit” principle, that adds an explicit check

No Gossip

  • we don’t talk negatively about others behind their backs
  • in a conversation openly name when a gossip zone is entered
  • make a concrete plan how to involve the person, when something needs to be discussed

No Power to rumors

  • explore where the rumor originates from
  • get specific with blurry phrasing: Who is everyone?

4 simple rules that lead to inclusive behavior, foster accountability, increase speed in decision making and enable radical candor where team members care personally and challenge directly.

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